Starlight Dance Program (Ages 18mo – 7 years old)

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Mini Sparklers & Mini Stars

A great first-time dance experience for a parent and a child age 1.5 – 3 years old. This class is held in a small group setting and was developed so parents have the opportunity to participate in their child’s first dance experience. Kids learn basic dance movements, arm and foot positioning, stretching, creativity, and musicality.

Shining & Shooting Stars (Tap, Ballet, and Yoga)

Our Star classes are 40-minutes long and combine different styles of dance: Tap, Ballet, and Yoga designed for the 3-7 years old child. Children may start the class at 2.5 years if ready. They are an introduction to dance. This is a great way to learn dance basics in a fun and imaginative environment.

Sparkle Stars (Pre-Ballet)

This class is designed for 5-7 year olds. Your student will learn basic feet and arm positions of the body as well as some basic movements such as plie, releve, chase, tendu and passe. We use props and music to keep their imaginations open and begin a love for dance. 

We are a Dancely Licensed Studio. To learn more click here!
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Dance Classes (Ages 7 & Up)

Our Current Schedule

Galaxy Groovers

Galaxy Groovers is a beginning level class designed for the 7 – 11 year old. It is 1-hour beginning tap, ballet, and jazz combination class. Galaxy Groovers is the progression up from our 5-6 year old Shooting Stars class. Groovers usually stay in this class for 2-3 years before gaining teacher approval to move into a level 1 class.


Tumbling methods & tricks are taught while gaining overall muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.


Students will learn overall dance technique, basic barre and center floor exercises. French terminology is used in class. Students will gain insight to proper body posture, placement, and develop grace and poise throughout the class.

Cecchetti Ballet

Students train from a Certified Ballet instructor to prepare for Graded Level Ballet Exams. These are strictly non-performing, technique classes.

Contemporary & Lyrical

Contemporary: This class is a blending of jazz and modern technique with the release of the spine and turned in movements to create fluid, challenging choreography.

Lyrical: This class provides a blending of ballet and contemporary technique to create curved gestures and tell a story through choreography.


This class integrates innovative choreography through stops, suspensions, and musicality. Paying attention to beats in the music and cues from singers, dancers will develop muscle strength and isolation as they discover their own style while practicing to hip-hop music.


Our program is based on strong technique and incorporates a variety of Jazz styles including traditional, performance, and broadway. Classes focus on dynamics and style while ranging in intensity. Practice combinations often include striking and energized movements to strengthen muscles.

Musical Theater

Singing and acting are key components to this program! In addition to refining dance and singing skills, students will also develop skills in theatre auditions and performance quality.


Our tap program covers a variety of learners from absolute beginner (Galaxy Groovers) to advanced dancers (Levels 1-4). Throughout the levels, students will learn basic tap steps, tackle challenging variations, progress in tap vocabulary, experience rhythm, and refine their skills in musicality.