Cupcake Party Saturday May 6th 2017

Cupcake Preview  Party 2017  

Cupcake Preview 2017


Saturday May 6th at the Dance Affair

We will do a preview for the parents! We only have room for one family member per dancer.

Bring/ Wear all costumes and costume pieces (bring all props and accessories hats,socks etc)

Wear Light makeup and hair appropriate for each dance.  Bring your dance shoes.

We will do a costume, hair and make-up check on this day

Arrive 10 minutes before your time.  

We will escort the dancers and 1 guest into the big room at their scheduled time. 

Due to limited space and capacity rules…We hope you understand that we only have room for one family member per dancer for this event.  Please remember this- as we can only let in one family member per child. There will be other shows and opportunities to bring more guests! Thank you for understanding!


Dance Time 1:30 – 2:00 (arrive 10 min early Wait/change in the lobby or studio A)

Second Hand Rose – KK ‑ 2 – Mon 4:45 ‑ Teacher: Indie Calderon

Birds and Bees  – KK ‑ I – Sat 9:45 ‑ Teacher: Erica

If My Friends Could See Me Now – KKI Mon 4:00 – Teacher:  Indie Calderon

Hungarian PRE BA – Tues 4:30  ‑ Teacher: Erica Fairfield


Dance Time 2:10 -2:40 (arrive 10 min early- at 2pm to go upstairs- wait/change in lobby)

In the Navy– KK 2 – Sat 10:30 –  Teacher: Erica Fairfield

Elmo – KK ‑ 2 Friday 5:15 ‑ Teacher: Erica Fairfield

Rubber Ducky – KK ‑ I Sat 10:30 ‑ Teacher: Indie Calderon

Queen of Hearts Hip Hop Fri 4:15 – Teacher:  Kahana Wong 


Dance Time: 2:45-3:05 (arrive 10 min early – wait downstairs till 2:35/change in studio A

Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile – MUS TH ‑ I – Fri 3:30  ‑ Teacher: Leandra Saenz

Wish Upon a Star – PRE BALLET – Sat. 9:45 – Teacher: Indie Calderon

Pineapple Princess  KK – 1 – Tuesday 12:45 and Friday 4:30 – Teacher: Erica Fairfield


Dance Time 3:10-3:30   (arrive 10 min early- wait till 3pm to go upstairs)

London Bridges – HH ACR Tues 3:45 ‑ Teacher: Indie Calderon

Going to the Mall – HH ACR Sat 11:15 – Teacher: Indie Calderon

Vacation – ACRO Friday 5pm ‑ Teacher: Jeanne Masad

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The Dance Affair is now offering Cecchetti Graded Syllabus Classes taught by Erica Fairfield, Cecchetti Trained and Certified Ballet instructor.

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