Current Students

Dear Dance Families –

Welcome Back to Dance!!

We appreciate all our dancers and their families, especially as we all navigate through this uncharted course in time.

In staying within the guidelines for extracurricular activities for children we have come up with a plan to begin our season with some indoor options, some outdoor options and to continue on zoom.

Registration Starts Now!

Classes will begin on August 17thThe Dance Affair Schedule 2020 groups etc

Season 1 –  August 17 – December 19

We will be integrating “Stable Groups” as is suggested by Santa Clara County Health Guidelines to help stop the spread. This will allow us to meet more safely in the studio while still adhering to the social distancing and other protocol. All classes will still be offered on zoom. Classes will be limited to 10 for ages 12 and up and 12 for ages 11 and younger and those that register after the maximum is reached will need to meet on zoom. We will try to meet outside (parks, parking lot) for some classes if the weather permits.


Please find our guidelines  and important information for the new season below:


Here are some things that you can do when sending your student to the studio to help others stay safe and help stop the spread of COVID-19.


  1. Only bring dance shoes and your mask. Slip on shoes are highly suggested to be able to change as quickly as possible.
  2. Be ready to dance. Be hydrated, nourished, and already have gone to the bathroom. The less area that is occupied, the less area of possible contamination that we have to worry about. If bathroom must be used, please remind your children to wash or sanitize hand before going into the stall and then wash hands after using the facilities.

We have done our best to make the studio safe and ready for your children to enter classes safely. Wear masks upon entering studio. We will take your temperature upon entering as well as sanitize hands when entering and leaving. Our rooms are cleaned between classes and floor markers are placed to help keep 6’ distance.

For your dancer’s safety and to comply with the state and county guidelines, we have created stable color groups for most in person classes. Classes with designated colors are considered stable groups. This means that if you choose a class with a color (and attending in person)you may only attend those classes with corresponding color in person.  If you don’t take all classes in the color group you may take all other classes on Zoom. Please contact us for clarifications regarding your group. This class system will run for this semester (August – December) unless guidelines change.  We also ask that if you are attending in studio classes that you make the dance affair your one designated extracurricular activity for the time being. All KKI students pick one class only and may only take make up lessons on zoom. Some KKII have additional class options – according to color groups. All in studio classes are Limited in size and only the first 10-12 registered students will be accepted to the in studio classes.  Class size depends on the room size and age group. The majority of in studio classes are 10 max.



 We have upgraded our internet and zoom devices at the studio to help make your zoom experience a more enjoyable one from our end. Here are some tips for you to make your zoom experience more successful from home.  

  1. SPACE AND INTERNET: Set aside a designated space (5×5 feet or larger) at home that is specifically set up for your zoom dance classes. Be sure your dance space has good internet access!
  2. DEVICE SET UP: Help your child set up their device so that we can see their full body. Children really need help with this! Make sure the device is fully charged or that a plug is readily accessible for use while in class.
  3. DANCEWEAR: Children should still dress ready for dance with hair up and away from the face. Following the dress code is ideal for all students in studio and at home – Leotard, Dance pants and shoes. Ballet Dress code (Black Leotard, pink tights and pink shoes) at home and in studio is preferred.
  4. BE READY TO DANCE: Be hydrated, nourished, and already have gone to the bathroom. Please limit your child’s distractions by clearing the dance space of food and toys.


MASKS  The Dance Affair will follow the county mask policies. Everyone must have a mask on upon entering the studio. See county guidelines for more information.

OUTSIDE CLASSES Outside classes will be held per teacher discretion and weather permitting. Teachers will let you know where classes will meet prior to Aug 17 (parks, studio parking lot).

CECCHETTI CLASSES Grades 3,4, 5,6 are to be scheduled with Ms Erica – for both Zoom or in person options.

BAND APP This year, we will be using Band App for easy communication between teachers, students, and parents. All active families will be receiving an invite to join!

SEASON/SESSIONS – our current session is a semester. August – December. You are only obligated month to month. Keeping in mind that current events are changing monthly – we reserve the right to alter/change our schedule with any new directives. We also realize that your extracurricular activities may change too. Please give us as much notice with any changes in your plans.

STUDIO INFO  Student Registration Fee $50 ‣ Schedule and studio locations are subject to change without notice. The Dance Affair reserves the right to cancel classes or lessons at any time. No refunds, extensions, credits or transfer of payments or lessons. Returned Check Fee $25. Tuition is considered late 5 days after the beginning of the month. . A late fee of $10 will be applied. *Please refer to the complete policies and terms you receive upon enrollment. IMPORTANT DATES No Class: 9/7, 11/22-29 * We are offering the same in-person and online classes. In person classes sizes will be limited. If we have larger class enrollment then the studio is allowed to hold, we may alternate dancers between the studio and online schedules. Start times are staggered to allow for physical distance and cleaning. We are doing all we can to keep your dancers healthy and safe. Upon registration you will sign a waiver with updated Safety Policies to review with you dancer prior to the start of the semester. To enroll or for any questions, please email or call 408-243-4834. Tuition and registration are now due and we accept auto pay, other online payments including  Venmo, Zelle and Payments via your account portal are accepted.