Galaxy Groovers

Galaxy Groovers is a beginning level  class designed for the 7 – 11 year old. It is 1-hour beginning tap, ballet, and jazz combination class.  Galaxy Groovers is the progression up from our 5-6 year old Shooting Stars class. 

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In the TAP portion of the class the students will grasp the basics of tap that will help prepare them for the Tap I class in the future. The use of arms with the footwork is introduced and practiced weekly.  The instructors will explain footwork and teach the students what it is to count music which is needed for dance.  This class will develop the beginning tap techniques and start the dancer onto a practice schedule at home.

In the BALLET portion of the class the students will be introduced to the Primary Cecchetti Ballet method which includes: plies, tendues, releves, coupes, chasses, port a bras, and balances. The ballet portion will focus on foot and body placement. The dancer will begin to learn how to carry themselves on and off the dance floor. Arm and hand movements will also be introduced.

The JAZZ portion of the class is where we start to learn the basic dance moves that are needed to progress in future dance levels. These moves are important for any dancer looking to join in school dance classes, dance teams, cheer and musical theater.  Jazz is a fun and fast paced dance where we use appropriate top 40 music that the children are familiar with and can freely move to.