1st Wedding Dance

My fiance and I came to Erica to learn our first dance for the wedding. Erica was fantastic! She was so kind, patient and helpful! She helped us put together the music (we did a combination of slow and fast songs) and created an easy & fun routine for our first dance.  The dance was a big success on the wedding day! Her price is also very reasonable for her qualify work.  Thank you so much Erica!

–Lily K. from San Francisco

The lessons are by appointment only. You can schedule a 60- 90 minute lesson.  The lessons are taught by Indie or Erica. The cost for a one time lesson (by the hour) is $90/ 60 minute lesson and $115/90 minute session.

If you would like to schedule out more than one lesson the price per lesson will decrease:

  • one (1 hour) lesson $120 – includes any music editing
  • two (1 hour) lessons $190– paid in advance, includes any music editing
  • three or more (1 hour) lessons $250  – paid in advance, includes any music editing

The average couple usually needs 2 or 3 lessons.

You select the music that you would like to use and we will choreograph the dance according to your specifications. We can edit the music to your liking as well… for example there may be certain sections you want to lengthen or shorten in the music. You would also need to let us know if this is something for experienced or beginning dancers.

Ladies – Please keep in mind your wedding dress and what you will be able to do in it, and your shoes that you will wear to dance in.

I hope this answers all your questions. Please let me know if you need more information or if I can be of further assistance.