Performance/Show Information and FAQ

The Dance Affair is a performing studio. Our students dance for various organizations throughout the year, with the end goal being our Annual June Performance.  This commitment must be made by each student no later than January 8, 2018.

The Annual Show is a commitment to be in class weekly, attend  ALL scheduled shows and rehearsals including the mandatory  rehearsals. Absences during May and June may result in you not being in the show. Please be mindful when planning vacations at this time. Make sure to take this into consideration before committing.  SHOW DAY IS SUNDAY JUNE 23rd.

Parents are required to purchase costumes on-line at www.costumemanager.com by no later than January 4, 2015. Costume information  will be handed to families and sent by email in early December. Average costume prices are $60-$95 per class/routine.

There are 3 MANDATORY rehearsal dates

– Saturday, June 1st & Sunday, June 2nd. Everyone must attend Saturday June 1st  at 12:45 full studio finale Rehearsal and then your scheduled class rehearsal times TBD.

– The week of June 17 through June 22nd – Mandatory rehearsals in the studio during your class time.

– The full-dress rehearsal (day of the show), 9:00am Sunday,
June 23rd .

These rehearsals are not optional.  This is part of your show commitment.

All families can purchase tickets to the annual show.  Ticket sales begin April 27th.

This year’s annual show date is Sunday, June 24th @ 3:30pm at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts.

Recital FAQ’s

If you have a question we haven’t thought of here, please let us help. Recital can be overwhelming even if it isn’t your first one. Call us, we’re here to help you! 408-2434834

What is the Recital?
All dancers participate in our end of the year Spring Recital. The recital offers our students a professionally directed performance that allows them a chance to shine onstage and share what they have learned over the year!

When & Where?
Typically the 3rd or 4th weekend in June at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts in downtown San Jose ( big gold round building) This year it is June 24th 2018.

What time is the recital?
Sunday June 24th at 3:30 pm and we offer each family ample tickets to the show.

How long is the recital?
The show averages 2 – 2.5 hours, but we may run longer depending on a few variables.

How many times will I see my dancer on stage?
Each class will perform a 2:30 – 3 minute routine.

Does my dancer wear a costume?
Yes! Dancers are required to purchase one recital costume per class and have the appropriate color and style of tights and shoes. For example, if a dancer is in Tap and Musical Theater class, they will purchase TWO costumes (one for each class) and the appropriate shoes per class.

How do we order our recital costume(s)?
Costumes are ordered December 8th– January 8th  at www.costumemanager.com. Dancers are measured in class – We will supply you with the measurements – Your measurements are needed to order your costumes.  USE GIRTH MEASUREMENT TO DETERMINE FINAL SIZE.

Is there a Dress Rehearsal?
YES! It is critical for the confidence of our dancers onstage that we do a trial run. This shows the dancers how to cope with little mishaps that can happen in a stage environment when you add nervousness, spotlights, and costumes! We run into all of these in rehearsal so that in the show, dancers know just what to do to keep the production going with a smile. The rehearsals are held the June 2- 3rd at Archbishop Mitty High School and June 18- 23rd at the studio in class.  There is a full dress rehearsal the morning of June 24th at the theater.

Do I need tickets to the show?
Yes. Recital tickets are $23-43 per seat (ages 3 & up) and can be purchased on our ticket website on  April 26th at 11am PST

you can get your tickets here:  https://25315.danceticketing.com/

Who cares for my child backstage?
The moms of our studio volunteer each year to assist in coordinating backstage. The general rule is that there is one adult for every 10-12 children. In the case that there are more than 10 kids, there are 2 volunteers. The backstage area is supervised for the duration of the show, and children do not go in and out of it. If you would like to volunteer please watch for our volunteer sign-up in February. Volunteer moms DO get to watch their dancer on stage and do not need to purchase a show ticket.

What is there for the little kids to do backstage  to do?
It can seem like a long wait for an excited dancer backstage. For that reason we give our volunteer moms a few tools to keep the kids entertained. There are toys and games for the kids. When it is their turn to dance they are called, and their volunteer walks them to the stage and back safely. Dancers will remain backstage during the short 15-min intermission until the end of the show.

Where do I pick up my child after the show?
All tiny dancers will be picked up on stage after the show. All other dancers will return to their assigned areas for pick up.

Can I videotape the performance?
This is an important memory, one you will always cherish. For that reason, we hire a professional videographer to film all shows. Phone and flash photography can be a distraction to our dancers. We ask all audience members to refrain from taking pictures or filming for the safety of our dancers and the enjoyment of the other members of the audience. You may film and photograph during the morning rehearsal at the theater.

Will we receive pictures in costume?
Yes! Each year, we coordinate a professional photo shoot (with Now and Forever Photography) at thier studio in May for our dancers. Our professional photographer and team will make sure you get beautiful, high quality pictures in dance poses. A range of packages are available for purchase. Remember, even if you don’t want to purchase photos, each class takes a group photo for the studio souvenir photo album. We need all our classmates there to complete the photo!

Do we have to wear make-up?
We ask that all our students wear make up on stage – this is part of dancing and being on stage. It comes with the territory. While we do believe that parents should be able to decide what is appropriate for their dancer based on their parenting style please be warned that dancers without any makeup on will appear washed out under stage lighting. Footlights and spotlights are bright and the best way to look natural under them is to rely on a little makeup. We recommend at least a warm blush and red lipstick. If your dancer is very young, keep in mind the Recital is a once a year event, and it feels alot to your dancer like playing dress up. It is not something we would suggest for everyday.

What type of hairstyle do we do?
Each class will have a specific hairstyle, however please wear any hairpiece or accessory that is included with your costume. Many dancers will curl their hair, do an up-do or wear it half-up or in a ponytail or bun.

What’s New & Happening

We have become The Dance Affair Online – A virtual dance school.

We are now holding all classes on Zoom.

Please call or email us for your copy of our current schedule.


Our Physical Studios are closed.   We are following the guidlines set by the

Santa Clara County Public Health Dept . Click the link for information 

 Shelter –  in -Place is in effect till May 3rd

Stay safe and healthy – Thank you for your understanding.


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