Pizza Party 2017 May 6th 4:15pm

Pizza Party 2017  Saturday May 6TH at the Dance Affair 

Arrive 4:00pm   Show Time 4:15pm

Bring all costumes & Shoes!

Wear Light makeup and hair appropriate for each dance

Stay for pizza for after the show! Pick up time is 5:45-6:00pm



  1. Superheros ACRO 3 Monday 4pm ‑ Teacher: Leandra
  2. Footloose ACRO 2 Wed. 4pm ‑ Teacher: Leandra
  3. Anansi the Spider Teen Ballet Thurs 7pm, TAPI Thurs 6:30, TAPI/II Wed 7pm  –
    Teachers: Jenny, Erica, Indie
  4.  Hammar time TAP 2/ TAP 2/3 Tues 6:30pm/Thurs 6pm ‑ Teachers: Leandra & Indie
  5.  Jolly Holiday BALLET ‑ 2/3 Wed. 6:45  Teacher: Jenny                 
  6.  Smooth Criminal JAZZ 3/4 Thurs 4:30pm ‑ Teacher: Indie
  7.  Hallelujah from Shrek Cont 1/ Lyrical I Mon 6:30pm – Teacher: Ashley
  8.  The Lost Files BALLET IV/ Tuesday 4pm Teacher:  Imani
  9. Lost files CONT II/III Tuesday 6:30pm Teacher: Imani
  10.  Forget About the Boy MS TH 2 – Mon 5:30 ‑ Teacher: Leandra
  11.  Let it Be Lyrical 2 Sat 9am – Teacher: Indie
  12.  Brady Bunch – Tuesday 5:30 Musical Theater – Teacher: Leandra
  13.  Hairspray – Jazz 2/3 and ¾ – Mon 6pm and Thurs 4:30 – Teachers: Leandra & Indie
  14.  Money – JAZZ II/III Mon 6pm ‑ Teacher: Leandra
  15.  The Entertainer Ballet I Wed 5 pm class Teacher:  Indie
  16.  Stars and Stripes – Ballet 1/2 – Wednesday 5:00 class – Teacher: Jenny
  17.  Grease – Hip Hop Teens Mon. 7:30 ‑ Teacher: Ashley
  18.  Vogue /Devil wears Prada – Thursday 5:30 jazz I – Erica


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