Recital Information 2019



The Dance Affair 2019 Dress Rehearsal and Performance

“A Night at the Oscars 

Show Date:                              Sunday, June 23, 2019 

Place:                                      San Jose Center for the Performing Arts

                                                Almaden & San Carlos, San Jose


Full Dress Rehearsal:              Check-in for all dancers: 8:15-8:45am – Only dancers with More than one dance check in in the morning – all others go to the audience and sit down.
All dancers and parents must be in the audience by 8:45am to practice the FINALE

                                                After finale practice we will run the rehearsal starting with dance # 1

Complete Dress rehearsal will run until approximately 1:30 or 2:00pm.

You only have to stay for your class dances.

Full costume, hair, make-up, tights and shoes.

ALL Parents are in charge of their own child during rehearsal – do not drop off your child thinking

that class parents will be with them all day.


Show Time:                             3:30 PM curtain

And arrival Times:                  Class Parents arrive by 2:15pm

                                                *Dancers in the first half of the show check in 2:15- 2:30pm

                                                *Dancers only in the second half of the show check in 3- 3:15pm

In the afternoon – All dancers must report to the backstage check in before the show starts at 2:15 – 3:15 – Backstage check-in closes at 3:15pm

No dancers will be allowed to check in or out after 3:15pm- all dancers remain backstage during the entire show.

There are two parts to the day – the dress rehearsal and the show. Here you will find an explanation for both.

Full Dress Rehearsal Information Sunday Morning June 24th:

AM Rehearsal THIS IS A FULL DRESS REHEARSAL! EVERYONE MEET at the theater in the audience Be there by 8:45am. You may record and take photos during the rehearsal – but not during the show.

If you only have one dance_- Just go to the audience and sit with your group. Backstage check in is not necessary for the rehearsal for one dance number

More than one dance -dancers in more than one number with assigned dressing rooms will need to check in at the backstage check in tables located at the upstairs ramp entrance before the rehearsal starts at 8:15am.

Parent dressers – should take this morning time to meet with parents of the students you are assisting.

Everyone must be in the audience ready for announcements at 8:45 am sharp!  If you are in the first 7 dances you should be ready with full costume and make-up at 8:45am.


REHEARSAL UPDATES – Go to www.thedanceaffair.com for continued updates on the dress rehearsal.  On this day, you may check our website homepage – “Whats New” column on the right and see what dance we are working on and the time frame we are working on during the rehearsal.  For example you will see –“it is 12 noon and we are on dance number 20”. If you are leaving the theater to eat or take a break – gage your time to be back at the theater from this posting.  Always plan on arriving 20 min early and allow time to park. You can also figure your rehearsal time by allowing 5 minutes per dance. This should get you back to the theater in time for your dress rehearsal. We do not break for lunch or intermission during the rehearsal. BE ON TIME TO REHEARSAL!! ARRIVE EARLY!




The morning rehearsal is a complete dress rehearsal.  If you forget a part of your costume, send someone home to get it or you will not dance!  This applies at rehearsal as well for the actual performance.  You must have every part of your costume and full make-up.


DURING MORNING DRESS REHEARSAL: Students will be allowed to walk around in their costumes – but stay with your parent or group/ class.  You may sit in the theater and watch as much of the rehearsal/show that you can.  Dress Rehearsal will be an opportunity for backstage parents and all the students to see the show. Backstage parents are not in charge of your kids during the rehearsal – only during the actual show. Young students should be under parent supervision during the rehearsal. Be ready for your rehearsal time by lining up 2 numbers before you go on.


FINALE-ALL students will be in the finale.  We will practice the finale FIRST at the dress rehearsal in the morning and then proceed with the rehearsal of the show in order.  AT THE DRESS REHEARSAL: Be ready in costume if you are dance # 1 – 4 by 8:45am.  If you are dance # 6 – 37 you may practice the finale in your street clothes or any costume.

AT THE EVENNING PERFORMANCE: You will line up with and wear the costume of the LAST dance you performed in.


When can I leave rehearsal? – You may leave the dress rehearsal after you have performed ALL of your dances.



2:15 -3:15 AFTERNOON Backstage Check-In  In the afternoon, ALL dancers, class parents and backstage help MUST check in at upstairs ramp entrance, see designated time above* (follow the signs).  There will be a list at the check in table of approved backstage helpers, class parents and dancers. Only those on the list will be allowed backstage after 2pm, all other family members must purchase a ticket and sit in the audience to see the show.

NO ONE will be allowed backstage unless you are on the list!! Please understand we do this for the safety all!


YOU only have one dance- *All dancers that are in only one number must check in completely dressed in their costume & dance shoes and have their make up already on.  If you want to send your dancer in with a cover-up over their costume please make sure it is a open front, easy over the head or button down and is clearly labeled with their name.  When they check in they will NOT be allowed to carry in any extra baggage.  Class Parents’ will be equipped with bobbie pins, safety pins, and make up for touch up jobs and emergencies.


*All dancers in more than one number have been assigned to a dressing room and must arrive with all costumes, dance shoes and accessories necessary for recital, ie.  Bobbie pins, safety pins, scissors, sewing kit, make-up, make-up remover, hair spray, hair gel, hair bands, hair brush, hair dryer, curling iron, etc.


  1. PHOTOS & VIDEO:  You may video record and photograph all you want at the morning rehearsal.  You will NOT be allowed to bring photo or video equipment into the theater at the actual performance.  Please notify relatives and friends that cameras will be collected at the door.  The show will be professionally taped and you can purchase copies by obtaining an order form in The Dance Affair office or the afternoon of the show at the theater.  If you wish to purchase a DVD you may do so by filling out an order form and mailing it directly to them.  Or order online at www.playbackmemories.com


  1. FOOD: If you will be at the theater all day bring a bag lunch and/or dinner.  Eat outside NOT backstage or in the theater.  If you bring food or drinks be careful of costumes and those around you.  Do NOT eat in your costume!  Bring a cover up so you will not spill on yourself.  We will not break for lunch.  NO FOOD ALLOWED IN THE THEATER


  1. Remind all Dancers to be lined up in the hallway near stage right or left entrance- 4 numbers before they go on.  DON’T BE LATE!! – We will go on stage without you.


  1. Class parents and backstage helpers will remain backstage for the entire afternoon performance.  The NO BACK AND FORTH TO THE AUDIENCE!!! Please watch the show as much as you want during the dress rehearsal.


  1. DURING THE AFTERNOON SHOW:  NO students or PARENTS will be allowed to go back and forth from the backstage area to the audience or leave the premises during the show.  Performers may watch the show on T.V. monitors we have set up backstage. Again this is for safety reasons.

PICK-UP after the show:  All KKI, KKII and Pre ballet students will be picked up on stage after the show group by group.

Most students will return to their designated assigned areas for parent pick up.  Tell your child you will meet them in their assigned room. Have a plan to avoid getting mixed up and lost.

The following rules apply at dress rehearsal and afternoon performance:

  • NO NAIL POLISH on hands or toes
  • NO RUB ON TATTOOS – take them OFF
  • TIGHTS –should be the specified brand (stretch and hold) – no holes or runs – bring an extra pair (4 sale in office)

Basic stage make-up: Base coat slightly darker than skin tone, blush, true red lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow brown/white (color sometimes left to teacher discretion)

  • HEADPIECES-must be secured with elastic and bobbie pins – there is no excuse for head pieces falling off.
  • DANCE SHOES: ballet shoes must have pink elastic straps. The bows/strings must be tucked in.

All patent leather bow tap shoes must be secured with elastic.

There is no excuse for shoes falling off on stage!

  • COSTUMES: MUST BE NEAT AND CLEAN. Do not drink or eat in your costume
  • HAIR: all teachers have notified students in regards to specific hair styles. Wear hair accordingly and make sure it is secure – use lots of gel, spray and bobbie pins.




THERE IS FREE PARKING on Sundays Downtown before 6pm

Parents – Please speak to your children about the importance of staying with their group or assigned person and in their assigned area during the show.  If they need to go to the restroom or need make-up and hair – make sure that they let someone in their group or room know where they are. This will help us to all keep track of each other and to hopefully prevent anyone from getting lost!


Please remind your dancer that you will meet them in their assigned dressing room
at the end of show so they don’t get lost in the crowd!















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