Registration and Tuition for Sept 2019 – June 2020



The prices below are based on one hour classes. If your class is a 45,  75, or 90 minute class the prices will vary.

1 class per week      $86/mo*  4 classes/month      (one hour class)
2 classes per week $139/mo* 8 classes/month      (one hour class)
3 classes per week $179/mo* 12 classes/month    (one hour class)
4 classes per week $215/mo* 16 classes/month    (one hour class)
5 classes per week $247/mo* 20 classses/month (one hour class)

Kiddie Kombo Classes $76*/month  (40 minutes class)
2 Kiddie Kombo Classes $116*/month  (two 40 minute classes)

* Two ways to save!! Either sign up for Auto pay or pay by cash/check by the 1st of the month and recieve a $10 discount

Private Lessons $33/30 minutes or $63/1 hour
Semi-Private Lesson $23 ea/30 minutes or $43 ea/1 hour

Drop in Rates
1 hr class $22   1.25 hrs class $26    1.5 hr class $29

Payment Policies: All students pay for classes on a monthly basis. All tuition is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late if not received by the 5th of the month. Your tuition reserves your place in the class. Tuition rates are based on a 4-week average of classes per month. Some months have 5 weeks, some have 3 weeks. Our goal is to provide 38-40 weeks of instruction/rehearsal times Sept – June. You always pay the same amount per month September through June. You must give the studio a 30 day written notice if you are dropping a class. Otherwise, you will be continued to be billed.

There are no credits or refunds for missed lessons and no partial month payments.

Auto Pay: Set-up auto pay and your account will automatically be charged the 1st of each month. Or you may leave your tuition in the PAYMENT BOX located in the lobby . You may also mail your payment to the studio or drop it in the mail slot located by the front door. If you need a receipt, please request one from the office. To ensure payments are recorded properly, please include the student’s full name and month you are paying for on your check. Cash payments should be placed in an envelope with the name and month printed on the front. Checks should be made payable to the dance affair. Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express cards are also accepted.

Annual Registration Fee: $50.00 per family. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Spring enrollment: To any NEW students wishing to join us after February…. We always have our current schedule in effect which starts in August. . We also have our New Spring schedule for those wishing to start classes after February.. These are introductory courses designed for you to become familiar with the dance affair. Please call us for information or to get on a class list today!

Late Payments– Too often we receive LATE and/or BACK DATED checks and are expected to overlook tardiness of payments.  Unfortunately, our creditors will NOT do the same for us.  The studio has financial obligations of its own to meet so prompt payments are expected and appreciated.



What’s New & Happening

We have become The Dance Affair Online – A virtual dance school.

We are now holding all classes on Zoom.

Please call or email us for your copy of our current schedule.


Our Physical Studios are closed.   We are following the guidlines set by the

Santa Clara County Public Health Dept . Click the link for information 

 Shelter –  in -Place is in effect till May 3rd

Stay safe and healthy – Thank you for your understanding.


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The Dance Affair offers Cecchetti Graded Syllabus Classes taught by Erica Fairfield, Cecchetti Trained and Certified Ballet instructor.


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