2020/2021 Season 1 Schedule

Classes are now being held inside and on zoom. 

If you have any questions regarding the schedule or which classes to take, please give us a call at 408-243-4834.

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This schedule below is strictly for  a quick view of days and times. It is color coded for stable groups*.  If you have trouble seeing this document click here for The Dance Affair Schedule 2020

*Stable Groups (color coded) have been created during the current pandemic to contain students in a specific cohort when taking class inside the studio. This group is one that the student stays consistant with during the week to maintain and help to stop any cross contamination or spread of COVID19. The groups are small and limited in size.

Most level I  students will remain in level 1 till necessary technique has been accomplished to advance (usually a minimum of 2 years ). Most leveled classes are a minimum two-year course. Generally, the class will progress and advance together/level up as a group. Teachers will provide advancement/placement suggestions.

*Schedule is subject to change.*