Summer 2017 Schedule

Wednesday July 5 – Tuesday August 15 – 6 weeks


You Can Register On-Line!

Our Summer Program is a great way to check out the studio without a huge commitment or registration fee! We finish up all classes August 15th. If you have any questions regarding the schedule or which classes to take – please give us a call at 408-243-4834

 Our summer classes and camps are always open to all students.  Our summer programs have been a big hit year after year!  No reg fee will be applied for Summer students. Our summer campers and Summer class students will receive a discounted reg fee in the fall. This will be applied if you paid in full for 6 weeks of summer classes or full camp payments.

All registrations can be done On-line – just make sure to select the 2017 Summer Session.  



10am     Yoga Stretch

4:45      Ballet 7-10yrs/Cecchetti I

5:00        Hip Hop Kids

5:45       Cecchetti Ballet Grade II

6:00       Hip Hop Teens

6:45       Adult Tap

7:00       Contemporary



4:45       Kiddie Kombo I  3-5yrs

4:45       Jazz Tech 1/2

5:30       Kiddie Kombo II 5-7yrs

6:15       TBJ  7-11 yrs 40min

6:45       Acrobatics




5:00       Pre-Pointe

5:45       Ballet Tech

7:00       Yoga   



4:00       Mini Hip Hop/Acro   4-7yrs

4:45       Princess Ballet   3-7yrs

4:45       Jazz Tech 3/4

5:30        Cecchetti Ballet Grade III

6:30       Cecchetti Ballet Grade IV



10am     Yoga Stretch


9:30am   Mommie and Me

10:05am  Kiddie Kombo I 3-5yrs # 1

10:50am  Kiddie Kombo I 3-5 yrs #2


Summer Tuition:

1 hr class $102/ 6week session or $20/ per class if not paying for the full 6weeks.

1.5 hour class  $147/ 6week session  or   $27/ per class –  if not paying for the 6 weeks

1.25 hour class  – $122/ 6 week session or $23/ class if not paying for the 6 weeks


KK tuition (40 min class) $87/ 6 week session or $15/class if not paying for the 6 week session in full.

All classes must be paid for in advance or upon taking the class