Sparkle Stars (Pre-Ballet)

Sparkle Stars is a pre-ballet class for ages 5 to 7-years. It is an introductory class to ballet. Students will learn basic ballet terminology and beginning ballet technique at the barre and center floor.  Including positions of the feet and arms, plies, tendues,  sautes, passe, balance, bourree turns and across the floor chasses, bourrees and ballet walks, ballet skips and galops. We incorporate the use of props and upbeat music to keep their imaginations open and to encourage a love for movement and dance. 


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What to Wear

Shoes – If you wish to purchase ballet shoes The Dance Affair has a full supply of the new and used shoes that we prefer for the children. If you do purchase the shoes elsewhere I prefer the pink ballet shoes with out the strings for young dancers. If you do buy the ballet shoes with bows, please insert or cut the elastic into the shoes once you have cinched them to size. Children should dress in dance attire (pink leotard and pink tights for girls, white t-shirt and black dance pants for boys) for the class. Please no large or long tutus.