Our Star classes are 40-minute classes of Tap, Ballet, and Yoga designed for the 3-7 years old child. Children may start the class at 2.5 years if ready.

  • Shining Stars is a class for 3-5 years olds. It is an introduction to dance which includes Tap, Ballet, and Yoga.
  • Shooting Stars is a class for 5-7 years olds which is the next step in our program. It includes Tap, Ballet, and Yoga.

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The tap portion of the class is approximately 15-20 minutes. The following basic coordination concepts are repeated in class weekly: right and left, up and down, heel and toe, side to side. Children will learn such steps as Knee bounces, flash trick step, boogie woogies, rock and roll, brush steps, knees and clap, marches, marching turns, jump out, jump in, heel push and toe heel walks. We will learn many song and dance routines using all these new steps. Level II Kombo students will begin basic tap steps such as shuffles and shuffle combinations, flaps and flap combinations.


In the 10-15 minute ballet portion of the class, the children will be taught ballet exercises and French terminology. The following is a list of the steps introduced: Plies (to bend), releve (to rise), tendues (to stretch/point), bourres, (on tiptoes), chasses, arabesques, and curtsies. Children will learn first and second positions of the feet in level I and third through fifth positions in level II. Other steps include ballet walks, hopping, jumping, skipping, and turns. Arm positions are taught and a stretching floor exercise where children will learn how to point and flex the feet is also incorporated into the class. These ballet steps will also be put into fun dance routines and exercises.


The last 5-10 minutes of class are going through a series of kid-friendly yoga poses. Downward dog, cobra, warrior 1 and warrior 2 pose, and horse pose are a few of the beginning yoga poses we will learn.

What to Wear

Shoes – If you wish to purchase tap and ballet shoes The Dance Affair has a full supply of the new and used shoes that we prefer for the children. If you do purchase the shoes elsewhere I prefer the black buckle or velcro tap shoes and pink ballet shoes without the strings for my Starlight students. If you do buy the tap shoes with bows, please insert elastic into the shoes to replace the bows. I do sell the elastic for the tap shoes if you need it or you can buy elastic at the fabric store. Children should dress in dance attire (leotard and tights for girls, white t-shirt and black dance pants for boys) for the class. Please no large or long tutus.