Saint Clare’s Dance Out June 8th


This is a carnival and community show. All family and firends are invited.

There is food and several carnival rides and activities, If you are staying for the carnival – be sure to bring a change of clothes! DO NOT WEAR YOUR COSTUME TO EAT OR PLAY OR GET ON CARNIVAL RIDES! THANK YOU!


When: Saturday June 8

Where: Saint Clare Festival –

941 Lexington St, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Meet in the corridor in front of the classrooms

Wear your costume to the festival or take costume and change there – changing room provided. Wear light make-up.

Time: Meet at 1:30pm show starts at 2:00pm

 This is the line up and order of the dances. If you need to change coostumes or clothing – there is a small dressing area. 

 Who is going:

  1.        Friday 5:15 Hip hop – Jimmy Neutron
  2.        Monday 4:00 KKI– When I Grow Up
  3.        Monday 5:00 Hip Hop – Men in Black
  4.        Thursday 7:45 Spring Hip Hop Ms Jen – Same Old Love
  5.        Friday 3:30 Musical Theater – Charlie Chaplin
  6.        Sat 9:45  KKI– Moana
  7.       Tuesday 12:45  KKI and Friday 4:30 KKI – Frozen
  8.       Sat 11:15 TBJ Oscar Statue
  9.       Monday4:45 KKII Sleepless in Seattle
  10.       Wednesday 3:00 TBJ –Zootopia
  11.       Saturday 10:30 KKI – Mr. Rogers – Wont you be my Neighbor
  12.       Friday 5:15 KKII and Saturday 10:30 KKII– Lego Movie
  13.       Tuesday 4:30 Pre Ballet and Ballet I – Enchanted


What’s New & Happening

We have become The Dance Affair Online – A virtual dance school.

We are now holding all classes on Zoom.

Please call or email us for your copy of our current schedule.


Our Physical Studios are closed.   We are following the guidlines set by the

Santa Clara County Public Health Dept . Click the link for information 

 Shelter –  in -Place is in effect till May 3rd

Stay safe and healthy – Thank you for your understanding.


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