We Answer Your Questions!

We always suggest that you schedule a no obligation free trial class to start with. It gives you the chance to check us out and see if this is the right fit for you!
Each class has a dress code. Please find the dress code for each class here: Click here for more information.
Classes cost anywhere from $40 - 106 for one class per month. This all depends on the time/length of the class. Please find our tuition rates here: Click here for more information
Yes we do! We have options for an annual spring performance and a holiday show.
We offer classes for ages 18 months to adults.

1. Confidence. Our mission is to empower our students. By providing opportunities to explore creative movement, gain understanding of the body, and showcase hard work performing in recitals, our programs help every student gain confidence.

2. Teamwork. Dancers work together to create beautiful routines, share feedback with each other to improve, and build a classroom environment for everyone to thrive. They learn to be a responsible team member and to trust their peers. Whether it's coming to class prepared. doing combinations in synchronization, or literally working together to do a movement or lift, teamwork is an important skill dancers develop.

3. Expanding social circles. Dance is a great place to meet new friends beyond the neighborhood and the classroom. With a shared interest in dance, and the growth they will experience together over time, particularly as they work on routines and performances together, it's not surprising for students to walk away with tight friendships.

4. Listening. In order to learn, dancers have to hear and absorb verbal instructions from their teachers and immediately transform those into movement. In the practice room, instruction is offered in many ways, which helps students learn to pay attention before, during, and after learning something new.

5. Building strength. Dance strengthens the body both inwardly and outwardly. Mental skills include knowing how to prepare for performances, manage stress, recover from mistakes, deal with the unexpected in a confident manner, and maintain a positive attitude at all times. Bottom line, mentally tough athletes have perseverance and passion to work toward long-term goals and achieve success. Dance obviously strengthens the physical body with a focus on the core and individual muscle strength to leap, turn and twist without injury.