Dress Code

Dress Code and Dance Shoe Requirements

You can purchase all these items in our office or order all your dancewear online at www.shopnimbly.com

•It is always a good Idea to get sized in the office before online ordering.  We have sizing kits for shoes, leotards and tights.

Acro Classes: Black leotard & black bike shorts or black unitard. NO BAGGY SHIRTS! Hair must be in a low bun back and away from face, and black acro/gymnastic shoes or barefeet – teacher discretion

Ballet Classes:  Black leotard, pink tights, ballet shorts or skirt (optional), hair pulled back in bun, and Pink split sole ballet shoes

Pre Ballet: Pink Leotard (skirted  or not is fine), pink tights and pink ballet shoes

Boys Attire: White or black dance shirt (athletic wicking pullover tshirt) black shorts or dance pants and appropriate shoes for your style of dance.

Kiddie Combo/ TBJ Classes: Any style/color leotard & tights. For boys: fitted white or black t-shirt with black shorts or dance pants.

  • Shoe requirements for all KK and TBJ students is specific.  Our prices are less or the similar to other brands. Our Tap and Ballet shoes for KK and TBJ are $23 each.
  • Stretch pink ballet shoes and black buckle taps are only available for sale in the dance affair office or online at www.shopnimbly.com.
  • Our preferred shoes are sold in our office.

ALL  Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theater, Tap- Black leotard, black bike shorts or black dance pants, tan tights or low white socks. NO BAGGY SHIRTS! All hair pulled back and held back away from face.

See shoes for each class below:

Contemporary & Lyrical: Barefoot or foot undeez – check with teacher

Hip-Hop Shoes: Black dance sneakers

Jazz & Musical Theater Shoes: Black split sole jazz shoes

Tap I, II, III, IV Shoes: Black tap oxford  shoes